I enjoy painting and sharing my art with people. I grew up in Portsmouth, Ohio and now live in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky.

I was told in 2013 that I may lose all my eyesight due to a disease of the optic nerve and that I could be blind within several months to a year. Since then I have lost some vision due to permanent optic nerve damage but my vision now remains stable. I am incredibly grateful that the doctors seem to think I will not lose my eyesight now! This was a very interesting journey that has increased my awareness of the beauty we see all around us each day but mostly take for granted. In an attempt to try and capture the beauty and images around me and calm my fears, I decided to paint. I have always enjoyed art and even had a business doing computer generated architectural renderings for a while. My mother was an incredible artist and so it seemed like a natural thing for me to try my hand at painting. 

I hope in some small way that when we see the beauty in art and world around us we can thank God for the gift of vision... You never really appreciate things until you realize you can lose them.

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